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Colour: Satin / Rose Grey

This is chunky 100% merino wool
for felting and arm knitting 23 – 26-micron fiber.

My merino wool products are without any synthetics such as polyester, it is pure wool!

Create your next knitting or crochet masterpiece and enjoy the beauty of chunky yarn with a package of this Merino Wool In Assorted Colors – 1 KG/2.2 LBS.  With just over two pounds (1 Kilogram) for your knitting enjoyment, this chunky wool is sure to be a long-lasting and beautifully coloured wool roving for your projects.

Whether you’re making a chunky knit blanket, a chunky knit purse or any other project that requires merino wool roving, this thick yarn will be sure to assist you in a perfect craft.  Use this super chunky wool to create the best extreme knitting projects!

Wool will be sent in one ball (for orders above 1 kg, please let me know if you would like to get in one or separate balls).

This wool is imported directly from the manufacturer!



  • beautifully soft
  • hypoallergenic
  • incredibly warm
  • helps to regulate body temperature
  • naturally flame resistant

This is chunky 100% merino wool ideal for arm knitting and felting 25 – 28 micron fibre.

Merino wool is 100% organic.

1 kg of Merino Wool is about 40 m length.

Also can be used for Arm Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Felting and Tapestry


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